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Iron Work
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*All Keratin Treatments are priced by the hour.



In Salon Mask                                         

     Allow us to utilize one of our top of the line hydrating masks to nourish your hair, leaving it feeling and looking shiny and healthy............... complimentary 

Repair Tonic

     Our best of the best when it comes to giving your hair back the luster, shine, bounce and everything else it may be lacking.  These tonics use the smallest molecules allowing it to penetrate to the inner most part of your hairs cuticle allowing it to repair from the inside out.  Lasts 4-6 weeks.   ................................$25+



     Not all Keratin Treatments are created equal but they are all known for replenishing your hairs natural keratin. Thats right our hair naturally has keratin protein but over time gets stripped out as a result of age, weather, texture,  over processing, heat, etc. These services can last anywhere from 5 weeks to 3 months.You can expect smoother, shinier,  HEALTHIER, easier to blow-dry hair                                                                                    ...............Priced Hourly



At Home Treatments

     We carry a variety of plant based products with only the best high end and natural ingredients for you to use in between visits to ensure your hair continues to get stronger even at home    ......................$24-$39

treatment or trim

wondering if your hair needs more than just a trim?

let your stylist look deeper into your hairs needs and determine if a simple but effective mask will do the trick or

if we need to get beneath the surface and approach it more aggressively with a deep penetrating hair tonic that repairs from the inside out over the course of 4-6 weeks. 

we offer hair treatments for all different hair types, textures & needs.


Lessons  45

*includes complimentary gift

Full Face 65

*With Lashes 75

Eyes Only 25

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